1. Can a reserve price be set on some items?

Yes, a reasonable price can be placed on an item so that if the bidding does not reach the desired price the item will not be sold.

2. What happens if my items don’t sell?

Depending on your items, if they don’t sell they will either be available for the seller to pick up or they will be re-auctioned on the next sale depending on the decision of the Value Auction Barn management.

3. When can I bring in items?

Items are consigned the first part of the month to give the Value Auction Barn staff time to display, catalog, photograph and market the items accordingly.

4. Will you accept all of my items?

No, items must have a value so that the auction bidding will start at no less than $8. Items that are brought to the Value Auction Barn are screened by our quality control board to determine it they meet our merchandise standards.

5. Will you preview my items that I have selected for sale?

Yes, depending on the location, we can view your items at their current location for consideration for our auction.

6. Is their an extra charge for us to preview my sale items?

No, there is no charge for preview your sale items. Also, there is no additional charge for unwrapping, displaying, photographing and putting your items on our webpage. The only charge is the consignment fee.

7. How do you know which items are mine in your inventory?

All items that are brought to the Value Auction Barn are labeled with the assigned consigner number. This enables us to display your items with other similar consigned items for maximum exposure and interest.

8. When is the catalog available on line?

A partial catalog of item descriptions and pictures is posted during the middle of the month to create additional exposure and interest.

9. Where do you advertise?

Depending on the items consigned, the Value Auction Barn advertises in local and regional newsprint.

10. Do you auction estate sales?

Yes, we have the facilities to liquidate estate sales.

11. Where are you located?

1591 Old US Hwy 40
Columbia, MO

Take I-70 to Millersburg exit (#137) go north then back west toward Columbia on the first outer road.

12. How may I contact you?

You may call the Value Auction Barn at 573-814-1137 or email Carol Irish.